Perfect Peace

Since I’ve been meditating on and studying this scripture, my mind has been under attack. See, stress and worry were not strangers to me. We were something like best friends. But this was a relationship I desperately need to end. To sum it all up, I want perfect peace.

Over the past few months my mind had been a battlefield. Crazy dreams, waking up crying, screaming, angry….they were frequent, but I knew they were only a test. I was being, trigged, tried, and everything else, but I was determined not to fail. I know there is greatness in me, and the enemy knows it too, that’s why he’ll try anything for me not to reach my full potential, but he tried it! He knows if I kept my mind stayed on the storms, the problems and gravitate to fearful places I wouldn’t be able to keep my mind on God. I refused to be over powered by fear. This past year of my life has been full of change and fear of the unknown had unpacked and made itself comfortable. But I knew better. I kept hearing the words “He will keep you in perfect peace”.

How comforting is it to know tat God will keep you at perfect peace if you just keep your mind on Him and trust in Him.

I no longer want temporary peace but I long for that perfect peace that could only come from God. I had to discipline my mind to remember the truth about God and rest on His promises. Everything begins in our minds. To be kept at perfet peace is a matter of our mind. If our mind is focused on our problems, we can’t have perfect peace. When stressful thoughts come, don’t dwell on them. Got an angry thought? Dismiss it. Instead think on God’s power, not your weakness. His victory and not your defeat.

Hear me clear: God’s peace is not always the removal of trouble from our lives. God’s presence gives a freedom inside of us that even is the midst of, we can still have peace. Understand the perfect peace is God’s part. Our part is to simply keep our mind on him. All we have to do is do our part because we know God will do his.

Today I leave you with this prayer for peace:

God, please give me stillness in my soul. Let your calmness reign in me. When I face storms that are beyond my understanding, help me to find peace. Lord, I invite you to change my thought patterns and help me reject and replace thought that are not pleasing to you. Thank you for your peace that passes all understanding. Amen.

This weeks affirmation:

I am at peace. All worries are replaced with calmness, peace and confidence.

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