How to Sell the Solution not the Product

5 Tips to Sell the Solution Not the Product

Sell the solution not the product! Major key alert!!!

Let’s be clear. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY wants to be sold to all the time. If you’re running a business, this may seem a little strange to you, but it’s the truth. You don’t want businesses constantly shoving their products down your throat. And guess what, your audience doesn’t either!

I know you’re wondering, “well if I’m not supposed to sell, what am I supposed to do?” The key is to sell the problem you solve, not the product. You and your products are the external solution to their internal problem so focusing on selling the solution.

T. Mill & Co 18oz soy candle from Soy Candles by T. Renee

Think about this…I love candles (and I sell candles them, check out my boutique When I’m looking to purchase candles, it’s not just because I LOVE CANDLES. It’s bigger than that. What I do love is my home smelling good all the time. While working, I like to get lost in the scents in my office. Most importantly, I don’t like bad odors! This is how you should think of your business as well.

Evoke an emotion. Solve your customer’s problems. Show them you are or you have the solution to their pain point. Sell the solution not the product.

Here’s some quick tips to help you sell the solution not the product. This is how you can put this method of “selling” in place:

  1. Stop focusing on the sell!

    Focus on building a relationship. People don’t by products, they buy people. Take the time to get to know your audience and for them to get to know you too. Establish you know, like and trust. Let your audience get to know you. They will like you and start to trust you and that leads to them not having any problem spending money with you. Remember it’s all about solving your customer’s problems, not just you making money.

  2. You need a USP, a unique selling proposition.

    This is something that sets you apart from “competitors”. What is it that you have that competitors don’t? Take some time to think about this. It’s not as hard as you think.

  3. Know what the problem is.

    In order to make sure you can solve the customer’s problem, you must first know what the problem is. This is where listening comes into play. Listen to what customers are saying, the questions you see are being asked, the pain points you know they have from experience. Know these things helps you create just what your customers are looking for.

  4. Provide tons of value….FOR FREE!!!

    From a blog post, to an infographic. How-to videos and so on. Educate your customers on how you solve the problem. This crosses all niches! This also helps establish that know, like, and trust!

  5. Focus on your customer.

    Your business should be about them, not you. If your business is connected to your passion, you shouldn’t have any problem with this. Let your customers know how you can help them. What’s the benefit for them? Make sure you are keeping your customers in the forefront and that your messages speak to their problems

These 5 tips should help you starting selling the soultion not the product.  You should use this method so you won’t be just another product pusher. With this method you should be able to generate more brand awareness and position yourself as an expert.

If you need help on how to get this content in front of your customers, check out my FREE content calendar. Also, stop by Facebook and Instagram to say Hi and get to know me.

How to Tell if Your Hashtags Are Working For You

How to tell if your hashtags are working for you.

How to Tell if Your Hashtags Are Working For You

Hashtag this, hashtag that. You’re using them. But do you know how to tell if your hashtags are working for you? They  are a free way to advertise if they are used in the right way. Picking the appropriate ones for your niche will expose your content to people who are looking for your products and services.

Your hashtags are like keywords. What is it that your auidece is searching for?

There are several apps that can track how a specific hashtag is performing, but you can start with your instagram insights. Instagram insights are available on business accounts. While you’re not required to run your business from an Instagram business account, if you’re looking for analytics and to gain insights from your content, I highly reccomend you swtich to a business account. By the way, don’t turn your personal page into your business page. That’s another post, but yeah, try using a business account, you can always switch back to personal.

To Check your Insights per Post:
  1. Click on your post
  2. Click on “Insights”
  3. Scroll until you see Impressions
  4. See “From Hashtags”

If you don’t see “from hashtags” in your post insights, most likely the hashtags you’re using arent’ working. If they’re not working, you need to implement a hashtag strategy.

When it comes to hashtags, here are a few things to know:

  1. They are clickable in your bio
  2. You can follow them
  3. You can use 10 in your Instastories
  4. Instagram allows you to put 30  in your caption
  5. Your insights will tell you how many people interacted with your post based on a hashtag.

With brands creating custom hashtags every day, it looks like hashtags will be here for a while. Why not take advantage of this free form of advertisement.  If you’re stuck on which ones to use,  download a Free Hashtag Guide. If you want more personal one-on-one help, schedule a free 15 minute session with me here to gain clarity on the hashtags that should work for you.

The Number 1 Thing to do with Your Spare Change - Blog Post

The Number 1 Thing to do with Your Spare Change

The Number 1 Thing to do with Your Spare Change - Blog Post

The Number 1 thing to do with your spare change is…..  invest it! Yep, that’s the big secret. I was recently told about this easy to use investing app and I just had to share it with you!

Truth be told, ain’t nothing cute about being broke…NOTHING!!! And I know what you might say because I’ve tried to convience myself to this many times before, saving money is hard. Well lets get 1000% real and admit that being broke is hard. So to that I say…pick your hard…it’s your choice!

This new gem that I was introduced to is Acorns, the investment app! Acrons loves my spare change! I’ve been using it for a little under 2 months and already have over $100 in my account. That’s just from the spare change, no additional investments or recurring investments (we’ll get into that later)! The Acorns app invests your spare change by rounding up the nearest dollar, or more, for every purchase from your linked card. And here’s a plus….You can link more than one card and start stacking even faster! Acorns makes investing fun and easy.

The Acorns investing app encourages you to unvest your spare change by using the “Round-Ups” system.  By linking a card (or 2), Acrons monitors your daily purchases and automatically invests the change from each transaction. For instance, you spend $4.30 for lunch, Acorns will round up the transcation to $5.00 and $.70 is automatically invested into your Acorns account.

Now keep in mind, Acorns is literally only investing pennies at a time, so don’t consider it your means to effective long-term savings plan. However, I will say that its a great starting point for those, like me, who haven’t invested yet or needs guidance starting out with investing.

In 2015, Acorns founder Jeff Cruttenden told CNN Money that people like the idea of investing spare change. 

I know you want all the dets on what to do with your spare change so here goes:

  • Acorns has no minimum investment
  • Fees: $1/month, under $1 millon
  • Set up recurring deposits of varying amounts
  • Make one time deposits
  • Get referral bonuses
  • Earn extra cash through “Found Money” (shopping through Acorns rewards program)
  • Mobile and Web access
  • Free to join
But that’s not it, Acorns features round-ups, found money, scheduled deposits, and more!
I invite you to take advantage of this investing app. Its painless, easy investing! Really, what do you have to lose?!?
Click here to join, for free today and start making money moves.

Disclosure: We may use affiliate codes when linking to third parties.  These codes typically earn us a small commission.

If you’re ready to start turning your spare change into some real cash


Trust Your Process

Trust Your Process. I think back to the times when I ran from the process because I didn’t like the way it felt. I didn’t like losing the people I wanted to hang on to. I didn’t like giving up the things that I enjoyed so much….so I ran…but baby!!!! It caught up with me and I had no choice but to go through it. There was no other option. Not over. Not under. Simply through. See through for me was a little like this…piercing heartache, resentment, failed relationships and one-sided friendships. It was deeply rooted insecurities and feeling like I was less than. But because I uttered I wanted to do this and become that, God heard me. He told me “you gotta go through to get to!” had no choice but to obey, after all obedience is better than sacrifice.

Again I say…trust your process. During my process I didn’t realize how much I was GROWING. I was too focused on the hurt and not the healing that was taking place. For anything to change its state, it must go through some process. For the caterpillar to become a butterfly, it undergoes a process.  For a lump of coal to become a diamond, it too must undergo some type of process. So for me that meant I couldn’t be all I wanted to be, nor what God destined me to be without going through my process either. No matter how hard it may seem going in, the process is necessary and you’ll appreciate it on the other side. I know I did.  If I hadn’t experienced the heartache, the let-downs, and insecurities, I wouldn’t be the powerful force that I am today.

The Process is Necessary

While we’re in the time of making goals, wanting to change and do better. I want you to trust your process. We all have one. Don’t compare your process to mine or anyone else. Your process is specifically for you. Hear me when I say, don’t be afraid of going through it. Nothing can stop what’s meant for you, but you can stand in your own way by trying to escape. Go through your fire (process), it refines you. Embrace it knowing that it’s all a part of His plan.