Hey FLY Girls! Welcome to my new blog. If you’ve been connected with me for a while, you’ve seen that I’ve streamlined everything to bring in some clarity. Talk about CLUTTER FREE! I’m so happy I am finally able to make sense of everything that is in my head and I’m so excited to share with you.

To sum me up pretty quickly, I’m a helper by nature. I get so much joy from uplifting and empowering everyone in my life.  Thus, creating a whole community of FLY Girls! I also enjoy reading, learning #ProudNerd, getting lost in music, and just ejoying every second of life that I have left to live. Oh did I mention I’m newly #TeamNatural, almost 3 months post-big chop so I’m definitely into learning about my natural hair and embracing all of me!

This online space is where I will be posting about lifestyle, faith, being your authentic self and a lot of fun and interesting stuff, so stay tuned!

I’m officially inviting you to join in on the conversation and let me know the type of content you would like to see and here. I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey.

Before you leave, go ahead and sign up for the FLY Girls text community, it’s free!

(P.S. You can still get your business tips and life and business coaching from me over at F.I.T. Divas Society)

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See you soon!


T. Renee

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