How to Sell the Solution not the Product

5 Tips to Sell the Solution Not the Product

Sell the solution not the product! Major key alert!!!

Let’s be clear. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY wants to be sold to all the time. If you’re running a business, this may seem a little strange to you, but it’s the truth. You don’t want businesses constantly shoving their products down your throat. And guess what, your audience doesn’t either!

I know you’re wondering, “well if I’m not supposed to sell, what am I supposed to do?” The key is to sell the problem you solve, not the product. You and your products are the external solution to their internal problem so focusing on selling the solution.

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Think about this…I love candles (and I sell candles them, check out my boutique When I’m looking to purchase candles, it’s not just because I LOVE CANDLES. It’s bigger than that. What I do love is my home smelling good all the time. While working, I like to get lost in the scents in my office. Most importantly, I don’t like bad odors! This is how you should think of your business as well.

Evoke an emotion. Solve your customer’s problems. Show them you are or you have the solution to their pain point. Sell the solution not the product.

Here’s some quick tips to help you sell the solution not the product. This is how you can put this method of “selling” in place:

  1. Stop focusing on the sell!

    Focus on building a relationship. People don’t by products, they buy people. Take the time to get to know your audience and for them to get to know you too. Establish you know, like and trust. Let your audience get to know you. They will like you and start to trust you and that leads to them not having any problem spending money with you. Remember it’s all about solving your customer’s problems, not just you making money.

  2. You need a USP, a unique selling proposition.

    This is something that sets you apart from “competitors”. What is it that you have that competitors don’t? Take some time to think about this. It’s not as hard as you think.

  3. Know what the problem is.

    In order to make sure you can solve the customer’s problem, you must first know what the problem is. This is where listening comes into play. Listen to what customers are saying, the questions you see are being asked, the pain points you know they have from experience. Know these things helps you create just what your customers are looking for.

  4. Provide tons of value….FOR FREE!!!

    From a blog post, to an infographic. How-to videos and so on. Educate your customers on how you solve the problem. This crosses all niches! This also helps establish that know, like, and trust!

  5. Focus on your customer.

    Your business should be about them, not you. If your business is connected to your passion, you shouldn’t have any problem with this. Let your customers know how you can help them. What’s the benefit for them? Make sure you are keeping your customers in the forefront and that your messages speak to their problems

These 5 tips should help you starting selling the soultion not the product.  You should use this method so you won’t be just another product pusher. With this method you should be able to generate more brand awareness and position yourself as an expert.

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