How to Tell if Your Hashtags Are Working For You

How to tell if your hashtags are working for you.

How to Tell if Your Hashtags Are Working For You

Hashtag this, hashtag that. You’re using them. But do you know how to tell if your hashtags are working for you? They  are a free way to advertise if they are used in the right way. Picking the appropriate ones for your niche will expose your content to people who are looking for your products and services.

Your hashtags are like keywords. What is it that your auidece is searching for?

There are several apps that can track how a specific hashtag is performing, but you can start with your instagram insights. Instagram insights are available on business accounts. While you’re not required to run your business from an Instagram business account, if you’re looking for analytics and to gain insights from your content, I highly reccomend you swtich to a business account. By the way, don’t turn your personal page into your business page. That’s another post, but yeah, try using a business account, you can always switch back to personal.

To Check your Insights per Post:
  1. Click on your post
  2. Click on “Insights”
  3. Scroll until you see Impressions
  4. See “From Hashtags”

If you don’t see “from hashtags” in your post insights, most likely the hashtags you’re using arent’ working. If they’re not working, you need to implement a hashtag strategy.

When it comes to hashtags, here are a few things to know:

  1. They are clickable in your bio
  2. You can follow them
  3. You can use 10 in your Instastories
  4. Instagram allows you to put 30  in your caption
  5. Your insights will tell you how many people interacted with your post based on a hashtag.

With brands creating custom hashtags every day, it looks like hashtags will be here for a while. Why not take advantage of this free form of advertisement.  If you’re stuck on which ones to use,  download a Free Hashtag Guide. If you want more personal one-on-one help, schedule a free 15 minute session with me here to gain clarity on the hashtags that should work for you.

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