Trust Your Process

Trust Your Process. I think back to the times when I ran from the process because I didn’t like the way it felt. I didn’t like losing the people I wanted to hang on to. I didn’t like giving up the things that I enjoyed so much….so I ran…but baby!!!! It caught up with me and I had no choice but to go through it. There was no other option. Not over. Not under. Simply through. See through for me was a little like this…piercing heartache, resentment, failed relationships and one-sided friendships. It was deeply rooted insecurities and feeling like I was less than. But because I uttered I wanted to do this and become that, God heard me. He told me “you gotta go through to get to!” had no choice but to obey, after all obedience is better than sacrifice.

Again I say…trust your process. During my process I didn’t realize how much I was GROWING. I was too focused on the hurt and not the healing that was taking place. For anything to change its state, it must go through some process. For the caterpillar to become a butterfly, it undergoes a process.  For a lump of coal to become a diamond, it too must undergo some type of process. So for me that meant I couldn’t be all I wanted to be, nor what God destined me to be without going through my process either. No matter how hard it may seem going in, the process is necessary and you’ll appreciate it on the other side. I know I did.  If I hadn’t experienced the heartache, the let-downs, and insecurities, I wouldn’t be the powerful force that I am today.

The Process is Necessary

While we’re in the time of making goals, wanting to change and do better. I want you to trust your process. We all have one. Don’t compare your process to mine or anyone else. Your process is specifically for you. Hear me when I say, don’t be afraid of going through it. Nothing can stop what’s meant for you, but you can stand in your own way by trying to escape. Go through your fire (process), it refines you. Embrace it knowing that it’s all a part of His plan.

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